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Pint Size Prints

Pint Size Prints was born from my passion hobby, photography.

I love exploring beer tones through the lens as I capture the relationship between darkness and light.

Pouring love –  draughting dreams – crafting hope

Jacque Irizarry

I started Jaqpot Designs and Hoppenstance as a way to indulge in my passion of craft beer, art and community activism.

I noticed two gaps when I was beginning my journey into the craft beer industry – diversity and community involvement. While both were present, it was not clearly evident or in the forefront of businesses. 

Part of my model is to highlight the marginalized and under represented people in the industry. My on-going mission is to work with smaller businesses and those who are committed to helping others and making an impact on the industry, but most importantly, on humanity. 

We often have an idea or a vision but are unsure how to bring it to fruition. That’s where I come in.

  • Strategizing ideas

    • Pouring loving 

  • Offering photography/branding/graphics/web designs

    • Draughting dreams

  • Delivering results

    • Crafting hope

I believe anything is impossible when we work together. So let's craft a future we can be proud of!



Filled with hops and hope for a better future! 

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