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It’s not all Bourbon Barrels and New England IPAs

I’m glad you are here. You matter!

Life is messy and hard. It’s not all Bourbon Barrels and New England IPAs. Sometimes it’s Saisons and Lagers. Other times it’s Porters and Stouts. But under it all, it’s just good ol’ humanity that bonds us.

It’s easy to say “I want to talk beer all day” but honestly, that’s boring. I want to talk over a #beer. I want to have conversations about life and struggles and fundamental changes over a beer. Sure, flavor profiles and ABVs and new releases intrigue me. Butttt, does it have the same level of significance without the human connection and #community involvement? No!

Simply put, we are all living in a hellscape and trying to figure out the best method of survival. We’re all human and life is complicated. We live in a world that can be very hard at times, especially with social media. The only way to soften that is to remember, we’re all living in a hellscape and can benefit from being kinder to one another. One smile, one hello, or one act of #kindness can literally save someone.

I imagine a world (especially in media) where we celebrate each other rather than pointing out flaws. We encourage growth and comebacks instead of canceling people. We see people for their souls and their efforts to be better humans, rather than belittling progress.

So next time you sit down and have a beer with someone, think about asking them how they are really doing. And if you can, consider buying a drink for a random person. These moments create beautiful connections and become still frames in our brains. We allow ourselves to hold on to hope a bit longer when we realize kindness and love is all around, and not just the hatred we see and hear in the #media.

Remember, we control the trajectory of our words and actions. With intentional thinking, it can be Bourbon Barrels and New England IPAs that saves humanity.

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