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Hardship and Hunger – How beer can help!

Updated: Nov 8

The autumn air is getting colder. The winter months are nearing. For some, this means a season of fun, fortune and good times with friends and family. For others, it a time of frigid weather, hardship and hunger, and the harsh reality of figuring out how to survive. We can all unequivocally agree, food, water, shelter, and safety should be given to all.

Imagine this is your typical day. All you had to eat was the rest of the bread roll and some jelly. You have been living off the remaining goods you received from a local bakery and food bank. Most evening you venture downtown to the local food bank. And tonight, like most, there’s a line of people who are in need of basic necessities, just like you. Patient as always, you wait with them. Shuffling up every few mins or so, nudging your bags with the side of your foot. After what felt like the longest line, you are near the front door, one step closer to a meal. The beast in your belly growing louder. You reach the front door and are instantly greeted with a warm smile and a glimpse of hope. Their smile is inviting and says, “it’s going to be okay”.

Feeding Pennsylvania is a positive force in our communities - making sure there is ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE! They represent 9 food banks across the state that serve all sixty-seven counties. They understand no one can thrive on an empty stomach.

Did you ever consider food insecurity is the reality for your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and other people you have yet to meet? According to Feeding PA “roughly 1.2 million people which 350,000 of them are children, experience food insecurity every year”. It is a growing issue everywhere and it will take our love, light, and humanity to fix the problem. So, let’s be a light in their darkness and change the world with kindness and beer.

What can you do to help?

Well, I’m partnering with Feeding PA, PA Eats and Breweries of PA to raise money for their Hops and Vines for Hunger campaign. A variety of breweries and wineries are raising funds and so can you! Please consider a donation of $5 to $10 to feed the people in PA. My personal goal is to raise $1,000. NGL, it feels lofty, but not impossible. We are #morethanbeer

(For accurate tracking, and for me to enter you in my giveaway, please write Hoppenstance in the message field when you donate and send me proof on my Instagram page, @_Hoppenstance )

What else will you get out of this? The overwhelming feeling of knowing you’re making a difference.

  • Raise funds to maximize the work of Feeding Pennsylvania’s nine member food banks serving all sixty-seven counties in the commonwealth and serve Pennsylvanians experiencing food insecurity.

  • Support the development of nutrition education resources created by PA Eats to educate Pennsylvanians experiencing food insecurity on how to prepare simple, accessible meals with affordable, healthy ingredients commonly found in food pantries and agencies

  • Promote the support of local breweries and wineries across the commonwealth

If you can’t donate, I understand. Please like, share, or comment. Every voice matters!

With peace and love,


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